How to Keep a Travel Fling as Just a Travel Fling

There’s something about travel; it draws out the romantic, the desperately looking for love/affection, the I-don’t-want-to-be-lonely crowd to the surface. These people draw to each other like magnets and there’s little one can do to stop it from happening – the heart wants what the hormones want. It seems that when we are abroad, embarking on whatever adventure we are on, our inhibitions are lower, our risk-taking behaviour rises and we are less frightened to hit on the hot dude who walked past us during lunch. There’s a kind of unspoken law of travel: assume everyone is keen until proven they’re not/married. How else do you think Contiki makes all it’s money? They’re geniuses.

However, there’s a general consensus amongst those who have endured one, that long distance relationships suck. Don’t get me wrong, many have found a way to make it work and I’m sure there are countless people who will attest to the strength of their relationship, despite the miles between them.

Let me just say, I have been there. Met somebody abroad, got caught up in the moment, spent an alarming amount of time with them and when I have returned home with the hopes to make the long-distance thing work, after a while it wanes. The two of you will make the most effort right after, video-calling every day and talking on the phone. Soon, that starts to die down, despite how adamant you were in the beginning that you were the exception.

The truth is, you will lead two different lives and no matter how much you try and include them in it, they’re just physically not there to experience your day to day.

So, without further adieu, I have compiled a list of ways you can leave that fling, exactly where you found it to save you time and heartache.

Night time = Yes, Day time = No

Spend the days with your buddies and at night, invite them along to a club/bar/pub/festival. Always hang out in a  group setting when you’re not doing the deed. Don’t text them constantly during the day either because that too defeats the purpose.

No Cuddling

This one is important. You finish up, you RUN. Cuddling has been proven to release some kind of endorphin that makes you feel a greater sense of intimacy/trust and can lead to CATCHING FEELINGS.

Don’t Discuss the Future

Don’t talk about how many kids you want to have, on the off chance the other realises that’s exactly how many they wanted to have to. Talk less about your lives and more about, I don’t know, the world. Try not to get to know them. It makes it easier to leave when you don’t know that much about a person; are they a serial killer? Nobody knows but one can assume.

Constantly Highlight your Differences

Differences are the most beautiful part of the world, without a doubt. They’re also one big reason many relationships don’t work. Find the one thing you dislike about them and hold on for dear life and never let go, you beautiful bitch.

Keep Your Options Open

Don’t shut yourself off to everybody else. That’s a huge red flag, who are you being loyal too?????? Unless you’re just a highly respectful human being and the person is constantly around, then play the field as if you were single (because you are).

I would love to hear from those who met someone abroad and it worked out. I’m still in this long distance relationship and it’s hard. Give me some inspiration, people.

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